I Got Over My Fear Of Automatic Pool Cleaners - Here's Why

Published: 22nd June 2010
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Every spring, there are millions of people dreading the possibility of getting their pools ready for summer time fun. The idea of swimming pool upkeep doesn't electrify me at all but it is crucial in order to enjoy the benefits of Summer family fun. For those with pools, you know exactly what I mean.
If you're one of those people who reach for the long pole and began scraping the bottom of the pool for a couple of hours my heart goes out to you. This is an demanding process that can undoubtedly be done with an automatic pool cleaner. Now with the help of modern technology, your robot can do the job for you instead.

Should you use up hours maintaining your swimming pool manually when the task can be accomplished automatically? Pool cleaning robots have existed for quite a while. They come in a variety of styles and shapes colors and complexity and execute a variety of tasks around the swimming pool.

Although these units come with a lot of advantages, but the most important one to consider is the savings you get in time energy and money. Here's a brief example of how these units do their job. It's actually very intriguing.

Automatic swimming pool cleaners are really robotic vacuum cleaners or pressure cleaners that work in opposite ways to achieve the same thing. The force of the water from the pressure cleaner mixes the debris components and forces it into the filtration system.

These underwater vacuum cleaners go to work on the trash and sucks it into the pool's filter system. The very posh high-end pools have their robotic systems built in at the time of development. They also appear in both flavors; vacuum system or pressure system.

Many of the sophisticated systems can be discovered in private clubs and resorts around the world. The monthly charges for pool service can add up over time and you are not guaranteed consistent quality either.. Your automated swimming pool cleaner can give you consistent service and significant savings for years to come.

Having a pool person working in your home, there was always the issue of security as well as uneven service to consider. Automatic pool cleaners can be bought for as little as $150 all the way up to several thousand. Because they work off your existing pump and filter system there is no need for extra booster pumps or other expensive equipment.

Choose from a large selection of cleaners that can handle just a few tasks to those that will do everything but serve you coffee. If you have an in ground swimming pool there are models specifically designed for you; the same is true if you have an aboveground swimming pool. Look for manufacturers warranties as well as the extended versions.

You'll find some of the big names in vacuum cleaning among the makers of swimming pool cleaners. A lot of the reputable companies have contributed their brands along with manufacturers well known for their line of aquatic cleaning equipment.

A lot of of the promonent vacuum companies have their aquatic divisions but the major players like Polaris and Aquabot dominate the market. They make robots that can clean the walls of the swimming pool and climb up to the waterline. These units usually offer a quick clean function as well as a longer complete cleaning mode for comprehensive mantainance.

I fully recommend automatic swimming pool cleaners for the job of swimming pool mantainance.. I've discovered that my unit continues to give very good service even after a full year of use. Go ahead and take the time to check out the various models to find one that can work for you.

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